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Orbiting Space Station Module


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Space is one of the most popular themes in LEGO.  Spaceships of all sorts of styles exist and would take you from one planet to the next.  But that changes now with the Orbiting Space Station Module.

The Orbiting Space Station uses a modular approach allowing you to connect multiple kits together.  It follows the concepts used in building Neighborhoods.  At the end of each module is a docking port with holes with connecting pegs.  The roofs of each module are attached to tiles and plates with only minimal knobs to hold it in place but allow easy removal. 

Each Module kit builds an individual 12 x 16 x 10 module with a 10 x 12 interior designed to work with most minifigures.  The Modules use few colors to allow users to create new ways to build modules from individual or multiple sets.  Each kit includes parts that can have various uses as well as spare parts that can be used to modify the structure. The base design for a single module includes a:

  • Dish for communications
  • Small antenna farm
  • Solar array
  • Robotic arm on a track
  • Small tank
  • Landing pad
  • Computer with chair
  • Lab table
  • Walls with various tools and spare parts

But as you use more modules you end up with a small collection “spare parts.”  You can use the parts to build different things.  For example:

  • Second robotic arm for research station or space doc
  • Repair droid
  • Space scooter to get around the space station
  • Satellite
  • Whatever else you can dream up (it’s LEGO)

Conceptually all external parts are on the roof, but parts could be added to all external surfaces for display.  But extra parts can be used to raise the modules to create piers for planetary builds.  Remove the second set of roof tracks and build a short ground rail line.

Want a remote outpost for Galaxy Patrol, use one module.  Want a research station to study Pluuvian Brain Beasts or Insectiod Larva, use two modules.  Want to build a remote dock facility, put together four or more.  You get the idea.

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