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Orbiting Space Station Module


Thanks again.

For those of you that are still following my first space station idea, I thought I'd share that my final space station idea has now been approved.  Using the module approach I have no created a full space station.  The station currently has six modules, a solar array, and antenna farm.  I think it best represents my idea.  The Idea can be found here: Orbital Space Station

If you like it as much as you liked this first one, please vote and share with others.  And again thank you for your support.


Thank You. And now a major update.

First I want to say thank you for those that Supported my original posted idea. i realized that this version lacked the height and small changes that would make the first glance think it's a train.  This update is a revamp of the project and will be the basis going forward.  I think the module approach to a space station really stands out now.  If you voted for me before and like my changes please vote for this again.  T he new idea can be found here.


Example: Ice Mining

The idea behind the Orbiting Space Station Modules is to build play space to use existing collections of space themed minifigures.  This allows for expansive space universes.  I will show examples of how they could be used through Lego space over the year.

Here Space Miners over Krysto-2002 use the robotic arm to collect and harvest ice meteorites.  Later other Space Miners drill the meteorites to find what's hidden inside.  Orbiting Space Stations allow for the processing of meteorites over the planet rather than having to pay the high costs of transporting the meteorites to planetary mining facilities