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Schitt's Creek: The Rosebud Motel


Best wishes, warmest regards

I can't keep up with the speed of voting. (Which is, I admit, a good problem to have!)

To celebrate passing 5000 votes and unlocking further voting time, I'm today adding a final batch of fan-fave characters.

Please welcome Ray, Twyla, Ronnie and Ted to the fam!

Ray Butani is ready to wheel some deal with his business card tucked in his jacket pocket, and a briefcase full of dreams.

Twyla Sands is ready for a shift at her beloved Café Tropical, with her name card in place, her apron freshly pressed and a cup of piping coffee to serve.

Ronnie Lee is ready to play ball, donning her Bob's Garage baseball team colours. She's not joking around here.

And Ted Mullens is ready to save some fury/feathered/scaled lives, winning more than a few hearts along the way.

(I'd have loved to give Ted a little tortoise pal, but couldn't find a suitable part in the virtual building software I use.)

Each of these new minifigs will be considered by LEGO for inclusion should the project receive 10,000 votes and if LEGO agrees that the world needs a Schitt's Creek model.

So, keep those votes coming :)

Keep well everyone,



Visiting townsfolk

I had intended on adding some extra Minifigures to this project if the project reached 2,500 votes.

Well, it did and well before I could finish this update.

To belatedly celebrate obtaining 25% of the votes needed to get this Schitt's Creek model to the official review stage, please help me welcome Jocelyn and Roland Schitt!

Ready for a Jazzagals rehearsal, Jocelyn is wearing one of her comfy 80s sweaters. Roland, resplendent in his best leather jacket, is ready to pitch in to help Steve and Johnny at the Rosebud.

If the project is fortunate enough to keep securing the support of Schitt's Creek fans and reaches the next milestone (5,000 votes), there are some final townfolk who might pay us a visit.

Each of the minifigures added in these updates (Patrick and now Jocelyn and Roland) will be considered by LEGO for inclusion should the project receive 10,000 votes. So, keep those votes coming :)

Keep well everyone,



You're simply the best!

1000 votes so soon? You are all too kind!

To celebrate this early milestone, I'm adding an additional minifig for LEGO's consideration. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Patrick Brewer to the Rosebud Motel.

(So many of you requested Patrick's inclusion, so I hope this brings a smile to you all.)

If you think other characters should be added to the mix, let me know with a comment, or through Twitter or Instagram.

We still need almost 9,000 votes to progress this idea to the official LEGO review stage, so do tell your friends to cast a vote too.

Keep well and safe everyone,


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