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Schitt's Creek: The Rosebud Motel


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Welcome to the Rosebud Motel!

This modular playset pays tribute to the award-winning CBC comedy Schitt's Creek. With your help, it might become a real LEGO set - you just need to click the blue support button on this page.

"The Rosebud Motel is a must-stay for any road-tripper or weary traveller. This charming, lovingly restored roadside motel is a welcome pit-stop for anyone looking for a clean room and first-rate hospitality. In fact, Johnny Rose and his Guest Services manager will go almost too far out of their way to ensure a pleasant stay." - Emir Kaplan

Say hi to Stevie Budd in the motel's office for a prompt check-in. (There's almost certainly availability!)

Drop by Alexis and David Rose who've settled in their twin room nicely. (David, in particular, has gone all-out with a handmade cedar chest and updated bed linen.)

Moira and Johnny Rose are just next door. Moira can be found maintaining her collection of head adornments, while Johnny is probably pitching in with motel upkeep.

Be sure to pull up a chair outside, enjoy a refreshing soda and read all the latest in the Elmdale Chronicle.

Do enjoy your stay. And don't forget, you can help this fan-made model become a reality by clicking the blue support button on this page.

Thank you,

P.S. Disappointed that your favourite character isn't included? They might be added as a special guest star in a future update. Tell me who should be included in a comment below or on Twitter or Instagram.

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