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Old TEE Trans Europ Express VT11 Train - Project old European Trains


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After what Lego made some Years ago with Santa Fe/Bnsf trains and most recently with Emerald Night and Horizon Express, with this project I would like to launch an "old trains line" to built with LEGO the most important European trains of the past.

I started with this VT11 '60 years German train used for the famous "TEE" trains, it is made 7 studs wide, but it could be easily transformed into 6 studs "standard Lego" wide.  It is now without motor but it can easily fit PF components. I also built Italian ETR 300 "Settebello" Train of the same era, (soon photos), and I will continue with other important models representing ouf ancient railways.

If You like my project and hope that Lego will produce beautiful trains in the future, please SUPPORT ME with Your Vote!

Thanks to all in advance!

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