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Tatra T6A5


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Tatra T6A5 is a Czech streetcar made for public transport produced by Tatra ČKD in Prague. We can meet it in several cities of the Czech Republic, but also in other countries in various versions.

This model can be controlled by the app PoweredUp. It contains one technic hub, 2x XL motor and 2x L motor. Chassis is mounted on two bogies and its powered by XL motor on each bogie (C,D ports - red marks on cables) and it can moves on train tracks with 11 studs weidth. Tram has 3 double-wing doors controlled by L motor (B port - green mark on cable). Last L motor controls pantograph (port A - yellow mark on cable). The model has several minor differences from the original - the overall cover of the chassis and the layout of the seats, otherwise I tried to keep the original look and the model contains a lot of exterior and interior details including driver cabine openable door.

  • Length: 84 cm
  • Width: 14 cm
  • Height: 30 cm (with extended pantograph)
  • Weight approx.: 3000 g
  • Pcs: more then 2.500 pcs

Construction this model took me approximately 4 month with breaks.

I think it could be a great LEGO set, and I hope you like this model. Thank you for support ;)

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