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The Ultimate Scrooge McDuck Money Bin


Beagle Boys Tunnel Update

Hi Everyone! We recently realized that there were a few problems where pieces around the entrance of the tunnel were colliding with each other (we built the model digitally on Bricklink's Studio). We made a few adjustments around the entrance to the tunnel in order to fix the problem. We have included pictures below of how the tunnel entrance looked before and after we made the changes. Please feel free to comment and give us any other suggestions that you have! Thank you! :)



Thanks for 500 Supporters!

Thank you to everyone who helped to get this product idea so far! Special thanks to @Brick387 - supporter #500! Great job everyone, we couldn't have done it without you!

With this update we are releasing an Ultimate Scrooge McDuck Money Bin poster! Please feel free to share it on social media so we can get this product idea to the next milestone of 1K supporters! Let's do it for Scrooge McDuck! 


The New Edits Are In!

Our edits for the money bin have been approved! Please feel free to check them out, leave any feedback, and share with friends and family. 


This is a Collaborative Project!

We were recently reading the House Rules and realized that we are supposed to explicitly state when an idea is a collaborative project in the idea's description. We cannot currently update the description of the 'Ultimate Scrooge McDuck Money Bin' so we would like to post this update to let everyone know that this product idea is a collaboration between LegoTastic2, Albert Brickstein, and BuckMaster101. All work is included with specific permission from all the collaborators. 

Thank you to all who have supported so far! 


New exterior and interior updates!

Here's the first update to the build!!!

New exterior details in this update include: 

  • A new cover image (with Donald Duck)
  • A cleaner-looking dollar sign on the front (attaching studs on top of dollar sign hidden)
  • Windows on the second floor (3 on the sides and 2 on the front and back)
  • A bumped out roof

New interior details are:

  • An alternative tile flooring pattern for the front entryway 
  • Redone postioning of firepole
  • Redone office area around firepole (table, floor dimensions, balcony overlooking vault)
  • A few chrome pieces in the vault
  • A new brick pattern over the Worry Room door.

Here are the images of the exterior details, starting with the new cover image, followed by the new roof and windows with the updated dollar sign.



Here are the images of the interior updates starting with the redone office area around firepole (table, floor dimensions, balcony overlooking vault), and then the new tile floor in the entranceway, the mixed chrome and non-chrome pieces in the vault, and last but not least, the new pattern over the Worry Room Door.



Let me know what you think, and feel free to give feedback!

Thank you everyone who has helped to get this idea this far!


**Adding the new roof causes the build shown in this update to exceed the 3000 piece limit by 61 pieces. I will be releasing an update shortly that contains the same exterior details but removes a few interior details in order to stay within the 3000 piece limit.**


Thanks for 100 Supporters!

Thank you to all who help us to get this far! I really appreciate it!


FYI: More updates with increased exterior details coming in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for the changes.

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