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The Ultimate Scrooge McDuck Money Bin


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LegoTastic2 presents 'The Ultimate Scrooge McDuck Money Bin!'

The pinnacle of Scrooge McDuck's legacy, this set provides entertainment for people of all ages. From its interactive elements to its authentic build, this set will inspire joy within both the original Scrooge McDuck readers and the DuckTales fans of today.

This model has a removable second floor and roof along with a removable hill section. This provides easy access to the Beagle Boy's tunnel which leads directly into the vault. Other unique elements include: a fire pole for Scrooge to slide down from the second floor to the first floor, a detailed office, and a money vault. I really tried to capture the finest details, from the uniqueness of Scrooge's office chair and desk, down to the iron bolts in the vault, which I recreated with Technic pins. 

First Floor
The first floor has three rooms: the front entrance, the vault hallway, and the vault itself. The front entrance includes knight statues from Scrooge McDuck's Castle, detailed stonework above the statues, and Scrooge's family crest above the doorway. The vault hallway contains the entrance to the vault. The trim on the wall in the vault hallway is reminiscent of Scrooge's office in DuckTales. The vault contains the classic depth gauge and a place for Scrooge to dive into his bottomless money supply. In the corner of the vault lies the trap door for the Beagle Boys tunnel. 

Second Floor
The second floor contains Scrooge's office and Worry Room. The office consists of a DuckTales interior, with a high-backed red chair and large desk with a lamp and cash register. A table across the room contains Scrooge's first dime that he earned, next to a pile of cash that shows his current wealth. Adjacent to that lies the Worry Room, complete with the tread down floor. There is also access to the fire pole on the second floor which allows Scrooge to access his vault in a hurry if need be. He also has a musket to scare away any unwanted intruders.

I built this set because I've been a fan of the original Scrooge McDuck comic books for a while. I haven't really seen a set that does full justice to the comic books, or even the vault from DuckTales for that matter. I decided to take some of my favorite elements from both and combine them in this model.

This set provides the ultimate Scrooge McDuck experience and will be extremely fun to build, display, and play with! Please support and share with your friends and family!

This set contains 2904 pieces and is a collaboration between @PrettiestFreshCucumber, @PrettiestPaleBluebell, @CutestHappyFood. All work is included with specific permission from all the collaborators. 

*Although I did not actually include any minifigures in this set (the parts were unavailable in BrickLink Studio), I suggest, assuming this set does reach 10K supporters, that LEGO adds Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Beagle Boys minifigures.* 

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