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Sleeping Beauty


Recreate your favourite scenes from Disney's Sleeping Beauty,(1959) with this project proposal.

The set includes:

  • King Stefan's Castle (drawbrige and porticullis entrance section plus a Princess Azura's bedroom and the room where Maleficent controls Azura to prick her finger on the Spindle of a spinning wheel. Of course the room includes the Spindel itself along with the spinning wheel.
  • Prince Phillip with his horse, Samson.
  • Princess Aurora
  • Maleficent with her crow, Diablo.
  • Maleficent's alternate mighty dragon form

Moving functions:​

  • D​rawbridge lowers and rises when the mechanism is turned on the back.
  • The portcullis gate can be opened and closed with the string powered turning barrel on the top of the castle.

I think this would be a great set and would blend well very well with past medieval and fantasy themed sets if you feel the same way please leave a support for a chance to become a official set!




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