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The Arches


Thank you

To the 91 stars who believed in the idea of a modular endpiece, thank you.

Unfortunately, you'll not be able to get your papers from the news shack, or pick up a healthy drink at Slurp 'N Go.

Perhaps, I'll resubmit it in the future.

Thanks everyone. 😢


Less Fence, more poster

The safety fence for Bill Poster makes seeing the bottom of any poster a bit tricky, so here's a revised version with a lower fence on it.


Fuelling the city

Everywhere you look in Bricksville, you'll find vehicles. Vehicles that need fuel. And there's only one brand that every minifig trusts -Octan. So here's an advert for the only form of fuel that can be bought, brought to you by the Octan corporation.


Movie Style Poster perhaps?

If you've watched The Lego Movie, you'll know that the Octan Corporation runs everything - and has posters throughout the city reminding the minifigs about what to do, what to buy and how to behave. My favourite is the one of President Business reminding everybody that he's watching them, so I recreated it and turned it into another possible poster for The Arches billboard.


Over to you... a Classic Space Billboard, or something different?

The Arches project idea uses a classic space image on the billboard, but there's only part of it displayed. What does the rest of it look like? Well, it's here. How would this look at the end of your modular street?

Or, perhaps a Lego advert

Or maybe, something like the adverts that pop up in The Lego Movie? I like the President Business 'I've got my eye on you' design. But what do others think? Any ideas for posters that can be rendered up? Put your thoughts in the comments!

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