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The Arches


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*Based loosely on a previous idea I had for how to soften the end of a row of modular buildings, this is a revised, improved and more sturdy creation.

Have you ever looked at your Modular Street and, if you are unable to position a corner modular at the end of your build, thought about how to hide that ugly blank wall of the last modular?
The Arches is a modular 'end piece' for your street that adds detail to the end of your creation, and a talking point for your mining citizens.
It's modular design allows amazing flexibility for how it can be used in your Modular Street.

Modular design:
  • Storage arch can be placed to the left or right of the kiosks.
  • Pavement modules can be mirrored and reversed to be used on either side.
  • Billboard element can be included, or left off if preferred.
  • Link pins on rear and side, to allow design to be connected either width or lengthways to other modular buildings.

Joe's News Shack Kiosk features;
  • "Joe's News Shack" tile.
  • Range of newspapers displayed on side and rear walls of kiosk.
  • Range of newspapers stacked behind seller.
  • Buildable Till.
  • Newspapers on counter.
  • Display racks on pillars at side of kiosk.

Slurp ’n’ Go kiosk features;
  • "Slurp 'N' Go" tile.
  • Twin juice machine dispenser.
  • Buildable Till.
  • Storage space on rear wall for juice containers.
  • Juice containers on counter.
  • Cookie jar on counter.

Billboard features;
  • A 16 tile wide advertisement area made of 8x1 tiles.
  • Advert tiles can be stored in a handy storage area, hidden behind a door in an archway.
  • When displayed on billboard, blank white tiles can be kept in storage area.
  • Folding ladder can be straightened out and used to reach viaduct level.
  • Folding ladder to reach viaduct can be placed in storage when not in use.
  • Ladder from viaduct to billboard platform can be placed either side to fit in with chosen design layout.

Viaduct features;
  • Railway company emblem built into viaduct, like can be seen on real life viaducts.
  • Sloping pillars on storage arch can be matched either side of kiosk section to fit seamlessly to kiosk section.
  • End of viaduct fence railing can be placed either side of the modular viaduct as required.

Comes with 4 minifigures:
  • A child holding an ice lolly, accompanied by a dog
  • Bill Poster, with brush.
  • News Seller.
  • Juice Drink Seller.

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