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Katy Perry - Dark Horse

Let's celebrate the success of Katy Perry's Dark Horse single with a LEGO set!

Dark Horse was the first video to receive 1 billion views on YouTube and is now at a staggering 3.4 billion views!! The video won multiple awards at the MTV awards in 2014, including Best Female Video, Best Video and Single Of The Year. Dark Horse charted at number 1 in Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States as well as top ten in almost 20 countries.

I have created the 4 main scenes from the music video, including Midas, King Tut and other Pharaohs gifting Katy Perry, looking very much like Cleopatra, some precious gifts. These can be changed around however you wish to display this set, I have also included some small builds for each Pharaoh. I have also included 3 different dancers that appear in the music video.

I feel that as Katy Perry is a massive icon and even admits to loving LEGO herself this is a set that she and all of us deserve to be able to have, so lets help spread the happiness that her music brings and I am sure her millions of fans would love to own a Katy Perry minifigure too!

If you are a fan of Katy Perry or Ancient Egypt this could be the set that you have been waiting for!

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