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Back to Mars - a classic space theme


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This project is mostly inspired by the landig of Curiosity on Mars and the resumed exploration. Meanwhile I created a bunch of projects ("sets") and with the help of this main project I would like to present the idea of a complete new theme.

"Back to Mars - a classic space theme"

Summary: Mankind lands on Mars again, defeats the aliens, resumes exploration, starts terra forming, begins to colonize the planet and creates the first city. These steps are done in 3 phases.

Each of the existing sets follows a story line and gives some detailed information not only about a model itself, but also continues the story and takes it further:
- The Missing Link
- Mobile Space Command Base (RC)
- Space Railgun Rover & Dropship
- Battle Ship with Hangar
- Mining Tunnel Driller
- Tracked Vehicles & Service Station
- Outpost (modular extensions)
- Olympus Mons City
- Terra Forming Platform

For more detailed pictures please have a look here.

"No stickers!"
I would prefer not to use any stickers on the models. Small hard printed labels would be great, but please don't apply any stickers.

Phase 1: defeat aliens & take control over Mars - "Humans vs Alien Hive"

Phase 2: resume exploration & start terra forming - "Outpost"

Phase 3: begin colonization process - "Olympus Mons City"

I would like to present the latest addition to the theme: Terra Forming Platform "TFP"

Some more ideas / extensions:
- R&D Center (stand-alone black cubical building for research & development)
- Harvester & Planting Vehicles (e.g. a tripod with drones?), Mining Units
- Orbital Space Habour & Spacecrafts
- Alternative Power Plant (wind or geothermal energy)
- Civil Airport & Future City (incl. vehicles)
- Railway Network & Station (or an alternative transportation network)
- Military Headquater (for our troopers?)
- ...

2012.05.21 "The Missing Link" published
2012.05.22 introduced new ideas about anti-gravity, colonization and terra forming
2012.05.22 "Back to Mars: Colonization" (new home base with modular building blocks)
2012.05.22 "Back to Mars: Terra Forming" (new vehicles, spacecrafts and orbital habour)
2012.05.22 "Back to Mars: Olympus Mons City" (new buildings and infrastructure)
2012.05.24 The Hive with alien hordes and combs added
2012.05.28 "Speeder" published
2012.08.07 new Railgun Rover with Rocker-bogie Suspension (honor to Curiosity)
2012.08.08 "Superiority" rover published
2012.12.28 "Battle Ship" published
2013.01.07 "Tunneler" published
2013.02.04 "Tracked Vehicles & Service Station" published
2013.02.17 "Outpost (modular extensions)" published
2013.02.25 "Olympus Mons City" published
2013.03.01 "Back to Mars - a classic space theme" published
2013.03.01 links from all sets to the theme added
2013.03.25 "Terra Forming Platform" published

Note: The models were created with LDD.

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