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Teen Titans T-Car


Update 2


As suggested, I have made some changes to the T-car (a mix of blue and trans blue parts, as well as making the front a bit bulkier) and the figures (more detailed prints and a few part changes), and added some extra content (a train cart, tracks, and Slade).  The storyline I would picture going something along the lines of Robin tracking Slade to the train yard after his latest robbery and the others coming to capture him in the T-car.

Here are two pictures of the whole project (I will update them with prints and perhaps effects when I have the time)

Here is a 360 view of the T-car:

Here is a picture of the top and a picture of the interior:

Finally, here are pictures of the figures:





Beast Boy:


Group shot:

Thank you very much for the support and the feedback, and please check out my other project


Update 1

Here are just a few simple updates I have made to the T-Car and Raven.

As suggested by glhighball, I have extended the front of the T-car by one brick-length (not sure if that is an official unit of measurement, yet).  I honestly think it looks alot better and much more accurate now.  Extending the front also allowed me make the front of the car level, which I could not do before (hope you all like it).  I also made some very minor changes to the sides.

As for Raven, as suggested by teengreen, I have given her an extra cape to make it look like she is wearing a cloak and not just a cape.

Thanks to everyone who has commented with suggestions and/or compliments.  I really appreciate the feedback.  Also thanks to all who have supported (52 at this moment - a lucky number when it comes to DC, it seems).



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