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Teen Titans T-Car


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Teen Titans Go!

The T-Car, the Teen Titan's main method of land transportation, was build by Cyborg with the same technology as he was, making it faster and more powerful than any other car on the road.  It even allows Cyborg to interface with it for better control (allowing him to literally feel the road).  With all this and hidden weapons, it is the perfect car for fighting crime in Jump City (or just journeying to the mall of shopping).

I tried to make my model as close to the original as I possibly could both in shape and scale.  On top of that, the car had to be stable and have enough seating room for the whole titan team.  I included pictures of various angles to show off the car as best I can so you can judge for yourself whether or not I was able to accomplish my goals. Hopefully you are as big a fan of both Teen Titans and Lego as I am and feel like this set is long overdo.  Please support and spread the word.

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