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Batman: Flashpoint


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The joker has kidnap some school children, and driving away. You can save them with batman and his cool batmobile, but watch out for bombs behind the buss. Use the flick fire missiles on the batmobile to take down the joker and save the children.

Inside the buss, you can see a yo-yo, Joker's brush, a gun, Joker's wedding ring, school backpack and bombs. Also you can take off the top from the buss.

The project's minifigures are (flashpoint)Batman,(flashpoint)Joker, (flashpoint Harley Quinn)Yo-Yo, school children.

Project's vehicles are The Batmobile, Joker's school buss

Project's main set is the vehicles

Project's features are flick fire missiles on Batmobile, bombs and flick fire missiles on the buss.

Project was made by Creator50010


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