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Bee Named Kate

Hi everyone 
I wanted to introduce my new toy named Kate

The inspiration to build this project was a visit to my friend who has bees. Looking at their hard work collecting nectar, I got an epiphany and decided to build my own bee from Lego bricks. When I look at my Kate, I think back to that time when I watched her fly over the meadow, she was modest, delicate and the same time she moved gracefully.

Kate has three colors yellow grey and black. The sting is at the back and serves as a support. Bee has 6 legs an two hands with one pair wings.

About the function of this project:
My Bee has two rotors on her head and with the help of the toy hands you can move them around.

I believe my Lego set will give a lot of joy and fun everyone who likes spend time with nature.
I wish the Lego family could experience the same feeling I did when I saw my Kate.

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