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Swimming Pool


New Minifigure Picture

Here is a new render of all the minifigures now included in the set.


Please Share this Project

This project has stayed at 211 supporters for over 3 days now, so please share this project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Flickr, Pinterest, and any other social networking platforms. We need more people supporting this at a much faster rate or else this project will probably expire before it even reaches 250 supporters. Thank you for your support!


Major Expansion

This pool has now been majorly expanded as a new building has been added including a bathroom, storage area, and check-in room, with lockers in the back and a bike rack in front. Also lounge chairs have been added, along with a grassy area featuring 2 pool umbrellas.

The area with the building is detachable as you can see in this picture:

Here is a front view of the building, showing the detachable roof.

Here we can see the lockers and the back door.

This is a top view with the roof removed, revealing 3 sections. Bathroom features toilet, toilet paper roll, sink, paper towel dispenser, and garbage bin.

Here is a better view of the swimming pool umbrellas:

Thank you for the support everyone!


New Lounge Chairs

New lounge chairs with this design will soon be added to the swimming pool. Other things might also be added in the future. Thanks for supporting and giving me your suggestions.

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