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Home Alone. McCallister's House.


Final look + AFOL family story :)

All started with a single set - Santa's Workshop (10245) me and my girlfriend (back at those days) bought for 2016-th Christmas 🎄. I accidentally saw some pictures of this very cute set and thought that it would be a cool thing to do at Christmas Eve 😊 Since then Winter Village became very special thing for us (as a married couple now) and addiction started to grow rapidly 😂 Winter Village and Home Alone movie inspired us to start our first project on Lego Ideas 😊 Thanks to all those who are supporting us!



30-th Anniversary. 7000 Supporters.

Wow! It's been an amazing journey. Looks like we're just on time to reach 10.000 votes and make the best gift possible for Home Alone 30-th Anniversary!

Thank you everyone for your help and great support! :)


We have been posted on Macaulay's official Twitter!!!


We passed a third part of the way!

You guys rock! The only thing I can say is HUGE thanks to each and everyone who supported us! :) 

I receive lots of messages on IG from movie and Lego fans and this is such a plesant thing.

The only way to make it to the next big milestone (5000) is to share this idea everywhere you can. Even a single shoutout on your personal page will help a lot! If you know someone who has their blogs or websites, this would be so great if you could ask them to feature this project. Don't really have a lot of followers on social media? Just ask your friend/sister/brother to vote for us :)

Here is some stuff you might like :)  



1000 supporters! Easter Egg hunt!

     Thank you!

     Firt of all - thank you for every single vote, comment and kind word that you guys shared! 1000 is the first step and I am so grateful to you. Really happy to get such a warm feedback from you, I'm sure that with such a great supporters we will be growing every day! 

     Next step

     Next big step is a 5000 supporters mark and I have to ask you to spread a word among your friends one more time! If you have good contacts with some blogs etc. I hope you could reach them out and ask to share our mutual dream! :) 

     Easter Egg

     I was really happy to see you guys like my idea with Easter Egg! Many of you were trying to find it and looks like I hid it too much :) I'm going give you several hints just like I promised :)

     Hint 1 - it's not a Lego piece

     Hint 2 - magnifier

Have fun! :)

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