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The Wright Flyer


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On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers flew their Wright Flyer for 59 seconds in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This feat of machinery carried more than a passenger, it carried a new traveling era. 

Project Information:

Piece Count             - 1279

Length                      - 13 inches / 51.5 centimeters 

Width                        - 20.2 inches / 51.5 centimeters 

Height                       - 7 inches / 17.6 centimeters 

I built this model to see how far the boundaries of lego can be pushed. Many new piece have been made since the set 10124 in 2003 so I felt a refit was needed. I wanted to include details in this model that would highlight the real Wright Flyer. Examples I put into this model are the propellers that spin in opposite directions (a first at the time), moving yaw flaps, and a black painted engine that concealed the aluminum alloy instead of steel. 

The Wright Flyer would make a perfect LEGO set because of the historical features and the need for a new classic LEGO plane. Great features in this model include: linked spinning propellers, removable stand, moving flaps, unique four cylinder engine, 24 lego cables, and stud-less main wings. In general Expert planes were very popular because of their look and feel. Some examples are the Boing 747 Dreamliner and the Sopwith Camel. The Wright Flyer would a great addition to any collection.

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