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Just Dance Giant Screen


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All you gotta do is Just Dance... 

About the game
Just Dance is a popular gaming series known for its wacky costumes and songs as well as bold colours and random patterns. 

The giant screen
The giant screen behind the characters is for the audience to watch. The set comes with two alternative screens, the home screen made of glitter pieces and the famous star score screen where two players, Happy and Crazy have been given a score. 

Above the screen, green, red and yellow bow pieces represent a bizarrely coloured rainbow, coloured lightning bolts or anything the imagination allows. Surrounding the screen are purple shooting stars, balloons and multicoloured lightning which are all symbols of the game as are the coloured clouds along the bottom of the build.

The mini screen
In front of the characters there is a screen which the players use to follow along with the moves. There are four controllers, in the characters colours, in boxes beside it as some versions of the game require a controller, these can also be held by the mini figures.

The tracks
An important part of Just Dance is obviously the tracks danced too and whilst it is impossible to make LEGO pieces audible I have included printed speakers to represent this.

The dance floor
The dance floor area of the build is spilt in to four coloured sections. This represents the multiplayer features in the game where each character has its own colour.

The mini figures
I’ve designed four new character mini figures which are reprinted versions of existing pieces:
   1. The dancer from Chiwawa which represents a Just Dance original song.
   2, The Just Dance panda which is a long running mascot of the game and features in many songs. He is shown here in a mix of costumes he has worn to avoid representing any particular year of the game.
   3, A mini figure in a Christmas tree costume as featured in Jingle Bells, representing the flamboyant costumes and fun side of the game.
   4. The iconic dancer from happy which also fits in perfectly as the characters jumper somewhat resembles a LEGO face.
Each mini figure wears a single brightly coloured glove just like the real on screen characters in the game do. Of course the mini figures can also be posed to express creative dance moves.

Why I built it    
I built this because I enjoy playing Just Dance regularly as do many others and it is a game that brings fun to all and brings people together. I have tried to capture the unique, colourful fun that Just Dance creates in this build. As LEGO is also about fun and people spending time with each other, the two should go together perfectly. 

Why it would make a great set
At around 220 pieces this would be a small set yet those pieces that are included create a set that goes far in representing all that is Just Dance. The small size should make the set affordable and appealing to all, also allowing it to be easily displayed whilst taking up a minimal amount of space.This set could be used for promotional tie ins with Just Dance such as game releases or tournaments. 

Please enjoy the project.

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