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The Art of Japan


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You love art and Japan? Then this is for you!

From calligraphy to silk weaving, pottery to woodblock printing, Japan’s artistic heritage has always been a great influence on modern art and continues to fascinate people to this day.
Myself included.

Growing up, I already developed an ever deeper connection to Japanese culture that ultimately led me to learning their language and visiting that one country that has remarkably shaped me.
And what can I say, it was spectacular.
The people, the food (oh the food), the scenery and of course - the art.
Pure art. Groundbreakingly rule-bending art.
It was inspiring.

To such an extent, that I wanted to perpetuate that memory:
A feeling you can place on a shelf (or hang on the wall).
A memory made of…bricks?

„The Art of Japan“ gives a classic scene the twist it needed
Set up in several layers of silhouettes, this scene of Mt. Fuji is the perfect way to show off your fascination for art, for Japan and of course your love for LEGO.
Including authentic accessories such as fans, tassels, local animals and more, you’ll be able to create your own piece of Japan.

Enjoy the journey!

Thank you so much for your support!
I really appreciate it - and don't forget to tell your Japan-loving LEGO friends

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