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Harry Styles - Harry's House


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Harry’s House

This set represents a detailed model of ‘Harry’s House’, based on the cover of the music album ‘Harry’s House’, the newest album of Harry Styles! This is a great set for fans of Harry Styles, fans of the album ‘Harry’s House’ and music lovers! The set contains around 800 pieces.

The details:
  • Build Harry’s House! This set is a 2-in-1 build: you can build the outside and the inside of Harry’s House. The inside is removable through the removable wall at one of the sides of the house so you can display both inside and outside of Harry’s House at the same time!;
  • One minifigure: Harry Styles in his outfit from the album cover;
  • Filled with details: open up te roof of the house get access to the attic of the house. This is the place for side builds based on details from different songs of the album, such as Harry’s coat and scarf from the clip ‘As It Was’, the crab from ‘Music for a sushi restaurant’ and the bed (with wheels, so you can drive the bed with Harry on it!) from the clip ‘Late Night Talking’.

Share Harry’s House with your friends, family and other fans of Harry Styles! When it reaches 10.000 supporters it might become a real Lego set!

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