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The Cake Shop

Welcome to Grace's Cake Shop, a recently-opened bakery focusing specifically on cake! No, they don't make anything else - we're here to satisfy our love for glorious cake. This project consists of about 1600 pieces and includes four minifigures. It's completely compatible with official LEGO modulars
The first floor is the cake shop itself. The kitchen is large compared to those of other modulars, but much of it is taken up by a gigantic industrial mixer. On one wall is a large-sized convection oven, loosely based off of ones found in real bakeries. There are also two refrigerators, a sink, a stove, and a smaller oven in the kitchen, as well as the obligatory stand mixer. There's even a table for the all-important job of pouring batter into the pans! A simple counter overlooks the customer waiting area, which includes a couch and multiple pictures. There's also an employee entrance to the kitchen.
The second and third floors are occupied by an apartment, currently being rented by a pair of physicists who have one very specific passion in common: games. All kinds of video and computer games. The two of them became close due to their shared passion for games, and now even run a YouTube channel about games! Downstairs there isn't much evidence of this, as the downstairs is fairly standard for an apartment - a kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom. However, the roommates have put up some decorations that hint at their shared love of games. The doorway is lit by a stained-glass window and display piece that shows a house by a lake.
Upstairs, however, is an entirely different story. There are two bedrooms, but one has been turned into a full-on gaming room. Of course, this means that one gamer has to sacrifice a bedroom, but the sacrifice is well-rewarded: whoever sleeps in the hallway gets a private TV screen to play games! There are gaming-related decorations in the hall and in the other tenant's bedroom, but of course most of the gaming memorabilia is in the game room. Alongside the gaming-related trinkets in the room, as well as the massive stack of papers presumably related to the tenants' actual occupations as physicists, a massive computer powers each monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
There are 4 minifigures in this project. The first is the baker, Grace herself. Motivated by her lifelong love of baking, both for herself and others, she has opened her beloved cake shop. The second two minifigures are the game-loving physicists who rent out the apartment. In fact, it appears that they're playing a video game on their phones right now! And, judging from their determined expressions, they're both intent on winning this game! The fourth minifigure is a customer of the cake shop, who appears to have bought a cake with orange fondant and a strawberry topping - very interesting choice there.
I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this project! If you liked it, please don't forget to support, comment, and share. And, if you're interested, don't hesitate to take a look at my other projects.

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