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Flying Fox Steampunk Bat


Flying fox steampunk bat

The story continues after one year of wandering of the Hammerhead V Steampunk Sharkship's crew. Their friend Elias, lost in an older adventure, was found. He is a very capable pilot and fighter.
So him, along with the crew of the Hammerhead V, they understood that it's easier to travel an the bottom of the Oceans, given the new information he brought from hiw travels.
He had info tha could help their uest for the lost city mentioned the stories of old, about the last colonists, before the destruction.
They agreed to build a ship,able to traven in the underdark plane, given that the Hammerhead would continue it's quest in the skies above.
With the mechanic's help and his experience, Flying Fox Steampunk Bat Sonar Plane, was build. A very flexible, silent and fast ship. Detector of hostile miners, with the help of it's sonar it finds and sends all the data to Hammerhead V, for further analysis. Τhe ship is equiped with multiple bionic arms, for better maneuvering, they also help it to be harder to detect.

Crew: One-man crew, consisted by Elias. A very brave character, a fighter. He is stubborn and aslo a very capable pilot. Rumor has it, he has a reduced sense of sight that makes it easir for him to navigate through the darkness, steady to his worda and actions.
Catchphrase: "Ι know where this path leads."

"Hammerhead V" Steampunk Sharkship story:


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