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"Hammerhead V" Steampunk Sharkship


Τhe story revolves arournd the legend of a steampun ship named "Hammerhead V". The ship is shaped like a hammerhead shark and haw the ability to fly and sail on sea. It's powered by solar winds or sea currents depending to where it is, with the help of it's finns. At the back finn there's a propeller to be used in the sea and in the engine room there is a jet engine for when it's flying.

The ships crew consists of a crew of 5, each one has it's own juristiction area. There's the cockpit-bridge, the navigation room, the crafting room, the artillery area and the engine room.

Ιt's an exploratory/mapping ship, shaped like a hammerhead shark, for the same reason the shark has sharpened senses for locating, targeting and knowing what exactly is around him like a living GPS. And after it creates new maps, it searches for new life forms and energy sources at it's travels.

"Hammerhead V" crew:

1. The Pilot (Evang, human) is caharacterised by his bravery and stubborness. He's a dreamer and never gives up on his friends. Catchphrase: "Let's sail lads".

2. The Navigator (Tathorn, dark elf) character, coming from the Under Dark. He found himself on the ship, after a battle in one of his travels. He loves exploration an hand to hand combat. He's a botanologis/zoologist and the one who writes the ship's log.He has high stamina and resilience in everything he does.
Catchphrase: "Time for battle".

3. The Gun Master (Redbeard Battlehammer, dwarf), is a character wich loves guns and tech. He's the comic relief in the crew and whatever happens he likes to make up stories to entertain the others. He's trademark "metal leg" allows him to stick on all metal surfaces. In his long red beard he has hidden brushes for drawing in his spare time.
Catchphrase: "An ice cold beer right now, would be great!"

4. The Mechanic (John, human) is the heart and soul of the ship. Nicknamed as "The architect" he knows everything about anything mechanic. He's the one others can relly on, when everything goes bad. He's also a prankster and teases everyone. He's trade mark "meta arm" allows him to carry many tools on it and fixing everything really fast.
Catchphrase: "I'll fix it guys."

5. The Crafter (Christopher, human) character capable to built anything with his hands. He haw an endless imagination, and vast knoledge about all the ingredients and tools he uses, he's trade mark "half metal head" allows his to save all the data from his inventions, some of them come alive and help the crew out. Catchphrase: "I'm out of tools again."


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