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Hand Replica ( Functional )

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This is a faithfull version in proportions to the human hand. Each finger cand be folded independently, they can also be spreaded out. The thumb folds, turns towards the palm, tilts back and forth and separates from the hand ! Sometimes makes me think of Luke Skywalker prosthetic hand in Star Wars...

The final model will be tubed. Here you can't see the second large piston pronating the hand from back to forth. I did actualy buit the whole arm, up to the biceps. Supination of the forearm is conducted by a motor for the moment but can be done by use of pistons twisting the two axles under the wrist, in that case, the pronating cylinders will have to be imobilized by the use of a linkage device (I have already designed the linkage system but I don't have enough pneumatic cylinders for now). Still is to build the pneumatic biceps, using two opposed  7L  large cylinders.

Pneumatic :  9 - 5L small cylinders ; 7 - 7L large cylinders

I shooted a demonstrative video for the occation. Enjoy !

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