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Drop Ride


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๐ŸŽก You walk into an amusement park and then you see it! A tall drop ride. Drop rides are one of the main attractions of many fairs, amusement parks, carnivals and theme parks. So it makes sense for there to be a Lego drop ride set, I mean we got a haunted house ride, a pirate ride, carrousel, ferris wheel and so many more Lego amusement park rides.

๐ŸŽข This Lego drop ride is over 35+ Lego bricks tall! Has 7 minifigures, including a ride attendant, a father, mother and son, a grandma with her granddaughter, and a tourist. 3 with alternate faces. And has rubber at the bottom of the ride to ensure that the Lego ride vehicle doesn't come crashing down.

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