Product Idea

Arc de Triomphe

This model has been designed to fit into the Architecture range. It would be a larger model in the range as I found that there was a minimum size where the features of the Arc de Triomphe could be adequately represented in Lego. Any smaller and the character of the building is lost.

The set has a 1300 part count and uses the small trophy figure in the carved panels which cover the outside of the structure. They also are used to represent tourists on the base to provide scale to the model.

Other features include curved ceilings in all three of the arches, the tomb of the unknown soldier and croissants!

Fitting all of the features into the model it has been challenging. However, the set should be an interesting and rewarding model to build.

From a commercial aspect the set has potential longevity as a souvenir of holidays to France selling alongside the Eiffel tower set at souvenir shops in Paris and at ports, stations and airports.