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Lilly's Adventures


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Hello Everybody from POTATO X  I'm back with another one of my orginal lego ideas, This is a second time resubmission of my project hope you all like it.

​Introduction​/ Story Line

So about a year ago now i was thinking what could i build for another one of my orginal lego ideas and i came up with this and called it Lilly's Adventures the story line is that that Its the 15th Centry and a pirate called lilly who works for King Henry VIII  is sent on very special missions for the king to find his most dangrous enimies and defeat them before they become a threat to the king and the royal throne. Lilly has a very special boat that gets her to places very fast so she can defeat the kings enimies before its too late. i all hope you like my made up story line that goes with my lego model.

​How I Made This ?

I used lego digtal desginer the extended version so i could add my own colour to the lego model and Lilly the lego figure, I then used Bluerender a lego rendering software to give my lego model a bit of a polish and so it stands out from the crowd.

​Who Or What Inspired Me ?

Well King Henry VIII actually inspred me as well as the Tutors back in the 15th Centry because back then peoples lives where very diffrent to now the present day beause they never had technogly like us or other stuff and they did there best to cope with what they had even if it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel which there was as things got much better for people after that time period.

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