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/\Ce Car One

The /\ce one.
This car is a bit of a change from your classic "Speed Champions cars". It's about the same size, and has four tires. That's where the similarities end.

  • First, it's got a cool dark grey and black color scheme. The square front is inspired in part by the old SS Chevelle's.
  • Second, it's got massive batmobile style wheels. This isn't the batmobile, it's better.
  • The side fenders can be removed to catch a glance of its powerful v-8 engine and hidden air intake.
  • The cockpit flips up and the doors on the side open, scissor style.
  • The front and back axles can fold down, doubling the height of the car and allowing the car to drive over the roughest ground.
  • Independent suspension on front and back wheels mean nothing can stop it.
This car's opponents can pretty much forget about showing up to the race. I'd save them the humiliation.

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