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Classic Castle Display Shields 6x

Here are brick built versions of all 4 shields in the classic yellow castle set. The builds use many castle theme parts.

They are meant mainly as small display pieces. Ideally they would include a few extra bricks so the back of each can hang on a picture hanger or small stand. The set of 4 shields as shown require 653 pieces. They also need a handfull of re-colored parts.

Brick built classic shields are not a new idea, however, i think this scale and technique has fresh appeal:
Many shapes are accomplished with castle line pieces such as swords, helmets and shields. At this scale there are plenty of fun part options.
Just focusing on the straight ahead view adds something unexpected to the build and end model.
The piece count at this scale would make one nice mid size set for all four, or a small set for an individual shield. I think that matches a typical interest level for this type of thing. Each shield uses 150 -200 pieces, or 653 parts for all of them.
The 6x scale also matches the maxi fig scale used in two recent sets: 76383 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger, and the 40504 large pirate figure. These shields are too heavy for those arm joints to hold staight out in front, but some positions are possible.

If there was enough interest, a similar build style could be done of newer shields (e.g. Tournament Knight shield with orc swords for feathers, or forestmen with leaf pieces for fur)

I built very similar versions of the blue shield and yellow & green shield using just Pick a Brick. however, the pink and red shields would need new colors for some key parts (e.g. dark grey maracas). The blue shield as shown needs a recolor.

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