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Ben 10 Tribute Set

This is a set based on the ongoing television series, Ben 10. The original Ben 10 story ran from 2005 to 2014, and now with a new television series out into the world, it shows that this beloved series will never die.

I built this set to provide something for Ben 10 fans like myself to grab onto. In the past, we had gotten build-able figures of certain Ben 10 aliens(based on Alien Force). While I was in love with them at the time, I still felt like we were robbed of getting traditional sets based on the series. So this is why I made the set. 

This is based on the very popular vehicles, The Rust Bucket and Kevin's Car. The interior of The Rust Bucket is decorated with a driver's seat for Grandpa Max, as well as two other seating areas and a table. While the car is only a one-seater, its perfect just for Kevin, and honestly he would probably prefer it that way. Also included is a buildable figure of Humungousaur, as that would be the only way I could see him being included in the set. Next, there is a original series version of Ben and Gwen, as well as Grandpa Max. There is teenage versions of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Finally the other aliens included are Heatblast, Ghost-Freak, Upgrade, Water-Hazard, Goop, and Alien X.

If you would like to see this set become a reality, then please support and spread to your friends and family. Thank you in advance.

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