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There are some buildings that mean so much more to you than others, especially if you kinda feel like you grew up there - along with the characters who lived there.

I saw several TV apartments and settings of famous TV shows come to (brick) life in the past year, but there is still a long way to go to complete the collection of 90s nostalgia. First and foremost, since it's been recently drawn back into the present time, the "Full House" house came to mind.
But I didn't choose this house merely for its popularity or the degree in which it became a part of my life, but also for the building challenge. As you may have noticed in your own attempts to rebuild this particular house in any creative building game(s) - it doesn't make sense. The set, the angles, the whole architecture of the famous house being shown from the outside doesn't add up with the set design.
I composed several drafts in the past years of how I could make it work and when I finally came to a sensible arrangement (e.g. for life simulating computer games), I faced the even bigger challenge of applying my blueprints to a LEGO version.

I think I did a reasonably well job. Of course one could argue about this and that, for example the three doors on the first floor, which are so often displayed on the series with the stairs from the living room leading up to the rear end, but that is one of the logic flaws in the original set architecture, so I chose being able to look into the set from the same perspective as you do on TV - as well as all the stairs actually leading somewhere and being connected to the several hallways - over plot accuracy.
Speaking of plot accuracy: as you may know, the inhabitants of the different rooms changed a lot during the series' storyline (and at one point they aren't even consistent during the series - remember Joey moving to the basement?) So I went for the temporary season 4 arrangement, where Joey lives next to Michelle and across the hall from DJ and Stephanie, Jesse and Rebecca live in the attic and the basement is used as a recording studio.

Unfortunately, the basement would've put the model way above the limit of 3000 bricks, so I removed it again - but it exists separately, and I can upload a picture in the update section, if you're interested. :)
Maybe if this really gets a lot of support I'll sit down and think of a <3000-Version where the basement is included. =)

Also, I didn't have room for all the bathrooms and I went for a couple of architectural compromises, so you can actually play with it and access each room from the front (or back, since the alcove and parts of DJ's and Steph's room can be folded back from behind - or from the top, since you can open up the roof over Joey's and Michelle's rooms). I also built in an emergency oriel on the backside, so you can rescue figures that got stuck in staircases, since the stairs actually lead somewhere (unlike the ones at the TV set ;) ).

I hope you like and support my idea.

Let me know in the comments, which is your favorite season and by which season the furnishings and minifigure looks should be inspired. =)

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