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Big Hero 6 -- Baymax


“Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.”

Baymax is a character from the movie “Big Hero 6”. It is a good film. Baymax is a lovely robot. He was designed to be a healthcare-providing robot nurse. After his creator, Tadashi, died, he was forgotten in the corner of Tadashi’s room.

Tadashi's brother, Hrio, was very sad for his death. Unexpectedly, he launched Baymax. Since then, Baymax became Hrio’s partner and a good helper. He is not just a robot nurse, he is the avatar of love. Finally, the goodness of Baymax healed Hrio’s heart.

I think everyone wants to have a Baymax around, so I tried to make one with LEGO. When I shared the finished product with my friends, they thought it was worth getting more people to own this Baymax, so I decided to put him on LEGO Ideas. I tried to make it simple and easy to build, just 203 parts. His head may be a little bigger, but it makes him more lovely.

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