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The School of Athens


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This is a 3D model of Raphael’s “The School of Athens” painting. He made the Fresco painting when he was 27 years old. This model includes many statues:



And others:

This model also includes many other characters included in this classic painting; (descriptions from left to right)

Socrates: Greek philosopher, created of the “Socratic Method”

No one Knows his name: Not all of the characters in this painting are known

Plato: Student of Socrates

Aristotle: Student of Plato

Ptolemy: Famous Astronomer, Mathematician and more

Plotinus: The founder of “Neo Platonism”

These are the characters included in this model:

Both Plato and Aristotle are carrying books in the painting, so I created books for them in this:

Plato is holding a copy of “Timaeus”, and Aristotle is holding a copy of “Nichomachean Ethics”

This model is intricately detailed, for example the Greek spiral design on the inside of the arch and the bronze artwork along the bottom.

I have always thought this painting by Raphael was cool, and that is why I created a 3D model of it. I tried to capture as many details of the original painting as I could. I believe this would be a great set for lovers of art and philosophy and those who simply find this model and its minifigures cool.

If you like this model, please post it where you can, thank you!

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