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LEGO PUEBLO is a 4in1 intra-modular Creator set. Thus with the bricks of the set you can choose from four different Pueblo-settings to build (see above). Since most of them consist of two dwellings attached by pins you can rearrange a setting the way you like it: 

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Two Sets

If you get yourself two sets you can build up to four different dwellings and again re-arrange them the way you want. This is the concept of intra-modularity (modular within the set). So the more sets you have the bigger your Pueblo-village. The dwellings are not symmetrical, thus you could consider building up a dwelling mirror inverted which would quickly rocket the amount of combinations and bear a certain additional building challenge.

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Multiple Sets

The concept of intra-modularity 4in1 allows for a Lego Ideas set of nearly unlimited size. You get a lot more for your buck. Either you enjoy building and constantly change the looks of your set, or you WANT to afford more sets and also enjoy the endless possibilities of village arrangement. The choice is yours.

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This is a re-submission of Lego Pueblo. I decided to re-submit because the first submission was still the making of. I took every comment and suggestion seriously and tinkered with my proposal for more than a year. What came out is a very well-thought, new Lego Pueblo set, worthy of a re-submission. As far as I know, this is the first set proposal in Lego Ideas ever that has changed so much through the interaction of Lego Ideas members. Many thanks from my part at this point to the Lego Ideas community. It was not easy for me, but worth it all the way. You may check the first submission of Lego Pueblo, its comments and its updates here:

There in the updates section you will find links to newspaper articles, a TV Report on Lego Pueblo (KOATV) and several YouTube videos showing the concept plus you get to see how Lego Pueblo started and how it evolved.


The Set

The set consists of about 1800 bricks, so less than any modular building. I am positive I could bring the amount of bricks down to around 1600. This is still more than any Lego Ideas set up to now, but considering its originality, versatility and 4in1 concept with endless building joy it does not seem too high.

Versatility does not stop with the Minifigs (or the plants, by the way). By carefully selecting the dress code of the Minifigs they do not only look similar to Pueblo but also offer many possibilities of re-arrangement. You do not want twins running around your Pueblo after all, do you?

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Native American Pueblo

Lego Pueblo is a fictional Pueblo set somewhere in Arizona/New Mexico. It uses many architectural elements of different real Pueblo be it Taos Pueblo, Mesa Verde, Acoma, Zuni, San Ildefonso etc. So it pays a tribute to the civilizations of North America as a whole.

Lego Pueblo shows life within a Pueblo incorporating the element of trade (the Pueblo sculptor had to get his hammock from somewhere). In Lego Pueblo you have farmers, potters, weavers, basket makers, hunters, fishermen, artists, a doll maker (toy within a toy), artists, astronomers, weapon makers, traders; in short everything a village needs is here.

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Great care was taken to remain as accurate as possible. Most doors are on upper floors, but some are on ground floors reflecting a transitional period (nowadays Pueblo do have doors on ground floors).

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The cactus is gone not only due to inaccuracy of the topography but because of one comment from Kresty: “The main set (The Craft) looks too overcrowded on the ground floor”. This was correct and since yucca plants are more important, the cactus had to go away.

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Time has proven Major John Wesley Powell wrong. Civilizations before Columbus did exist in North America. Let us show this to the rest of the world. I thank every past and new supporter on our quest to 10000 for bringing Lego Pueblo a small step closer to becoming a set.

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