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Articulated Bus


Articulated buses always fascinated me and I still feel like a child when I cross one of these buses articulation. Unfortunately, articulated buses in lego are rare, so I wanted to make mine. This one is inspired by the Renault Agora L (now Irisbus Agora L) that was particularly present in France, but with some modifications to make it look more modern.

Making the articulation was a challenge. I wanted it to be realistic but that can easily be moved, so I make something a bit less realistic than it could have been, but solid and movable.

The bus is 55 cm long, 8 cm wide and 10 high. There are 22 seats in the bus and a bus station. The roof of the bus can be removed. Stickers can be used for the number and the map of the line, the name of the station... 

I hope you will like this project !


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