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"To be or not to be (a nerd), that is the question." It´s the age old question. From caveman nerd to the once and future nerd to whovian potterheads, Nerd-dom has been the subject of modern social science. If you do not believe me, ask wikihow to be a nerd. Go ahead do it now, and return here with full understanding.

There are so many of us now, that our society may be bordering on the brink of a nerd world order. However, here on Ideas, we are a special kind of nerd, having added the love of the brick whichever particular flavor of nerdiness we embody. This project is a celebration of that combination. So from those of us here on Ideas to those of you who may find us in the future, we salute you.

We, the faithful of Ideas just wanted to say, hi! And build a set that pays homage to our fan-dom, our brick-dom and our Nerd-dom. If enough nerds, geeks and dorks support this project, we passionately believe it could make it to review, and maybe someday, YOU could build this project for yourself knowing you are not alone in this universe, not when there are so many LEGO Nerds.

Now it is time for your nerd outing and this vignette can stand on your desk. I know there are so many of us. Don´t be shy.

Be one of us and support if you want. I hope you enjoy!

Please have also a look at my other projects. My Bumper Cars project need only 49 supporters to achieve the 1000.


Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments! I hope you like and please share it with your friends! A special thank go to my faithful friends here on lego ideas. It makes me very happy!  AWI


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