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Bumper Cars


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Bumper Cars (with light function)

This is my new project Bumper Cars. Almost one year ago I create a Autoscooter (this is the german name for bumper cars). Now it is time to build it in real and of course I have improved some things.

Every fair has bumper cars and now also the Lego fair. This is a very playable set and it fits perfectly to the other driving shops like the big dipper. Many, really many lamps emphasise this object and if you want you can integrated power functions. In my set I integrated 4 LED lights. You can use the ligths together with colored transparent Lego bricks and so you can create different light effects. If you move the disco ball the lights reflects very nice.

Cannons of course not impossible! Have fun!


My bumper cars project included 9 minifigures, 4 bumper cars and a lot of colorful lamps (all I could find in the children´s room). One can easy steer 4 vehicles by hand, because the roof is openly formed.

I know some of you want a bigger area, but if you would buy two of my sets you can reach this!:) If you like my idea please share it with your friends and maybe you have a look to my other projects! Thank you to everyone for the support and your comment.  AWI

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