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The Legend of Mata Nui

"In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens, carrying we, the ones called the Matoran, to this island paradise..."

Relive the mysterious ancient setting of the first years of BIONICLE with this display build featuring the stones of Mata Nui and Makuta in the middle of an Amaja circle.

The sand surrounding the Mata Nui stone is shaped like the Island, and Makuta is about to unleash his shadows, just like in the beginning of the first movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light.

The first two pictures are created as an homage to the awesome illustrations from Christian Faber (here).

Please support this idea so we can enjoy the spirit of early BIONICLE once again in an official LEGO set.

(Sets 8532 ONUA and 8545 Whenua are featured only for illustrative purposes and are not part of the main build.) 

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