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Super Dragster


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Dragster is a long slender car, whit excellent V8 engine burning 10 liters per second and more than one meter rear wheels. The wonderful world of racing dragster through which we experience several seconds of great fun ,was the inspiration for me to create a model of dragster car. Which in its design focuses not only on the beauty of the car but shows us a model of the V8 engine.

Automotive history shown in the model  2-in-1 car with detachable engine. And his simple but detailed construction should encourage both, younger and older fans of LEGO and the automotive industry. By moving them into the wonderful world of racing on the ¼ mile. Giving a tribute to the wonderful V8 engine and its power which assured the enormity of fun in not one mass-produced car. I think everyone dreamed about a fast car and a great engine, this model gives us just such an opportunity to play.

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