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Lego Aquarium


New floors!

I decided to change the color scheme of the floors on the first and third level. These have more of an aquarium vibe in my opinion.


1000 supporters!!!

Thank you all so much for the support! 


Bigger tank on the top floor

Some commenters suggested I create a larger aquarium tank to be a bigger attraction. I am limited in space as I don't have the brick inventory to make the building bigger, but I did go ahead and change the top floor to include one very large tank instead of two smaller ones.

I also added a photo that shows how you can open the skylights to access the top floor without taking off the roof. Once again thank you so much for the support on this project!


100 supporters!

Thanks so much for the amazing support! Here's a peek inside one of the preparation rooms where the aquarium scientist is hard at work.


More pictures!

Thanks everyone for the support and kind comments! I wanted to add a few more pics that I didn't have room for in the original post. 

Here is another shot of the lobby, a close up of the snack bar, and an overview of the third floor. Thanks again!! 

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