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Seagull Airlines Plane


Have you ever dreamed flying like a bird? To see our world from above, to cross any mountain and any sea, to be free from any force and to see any secret place on our planet? Now, this has been made possible. Due to impressive improvements in bionics. Inspired by the majestic flight of seagulls, a completely new type of aeroplane has been developed.

With its beak, the plane can divide the air in front of it and the curved wings stabilize it in flight. The newly invented tail feathers allow an incredible preciseness of control never known before. And these fantastic improvements don’t just extend to the behaviour in flight, but also to the time on ground: The wings can fold just like in birds. This cool feature dramatically reduces the space needed on the airport’s movement area.

So far, so good. The technic has been invented. But how would such an airplane look like without completely referencing to its counterpart in nature? That’s why the plane also shows the cool colours of real seagulls.

Now we’ve got the technic and the colours. What’s missing? Of course, someone to fly the plane! That’s why the Seagull Airlines have been founded. Their capable pilot and their stewardess are the perfect ones to bring the two passengers – a journalist and a businessman – safe to their destinies.

On board, there’s everything they may need during the flight: comfortable seats, a toilet and a trolley for some little snacks. Not to forget the lamps and the luggage racks above each seat and the instruments in the cockpit!

You can remove the top and open the door to be able to play on the inside. Also, you can turn the crank on the right-hand side to fold and unfold the landing gear.
As you can see, the plane enables you to imagine hundreds of stories when playing. So build an airport and play how hurried businessmen or relaxed travellers do the journey through the air with this nature-inspired aeroplane.

I’ve built the plane with 1406 parts. All of them are existing in the used colours and last released in 2020 (except of several decorated parts in 2016-2019). The plane measures 71 x 50 x 12 studs. It weighs 989 g.

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