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Lamborghini Centenario


New renders (

First, I'd like to apologize as it has been a long time since I came on this post.

It would take me days to thank all of you via your comments.

As I use more and more for my projects, I take this opportunity to thank you thousand times and I update this project with 2 more renders.

I hope you'll enjoy them.

Yes, I know, Lego is about to release the Lamborghini Siàn but the Centenario could be considered as a collector with, as I mentioned in the description, metallic parts for the body. 


Roadster version

As mentionned, half of the models produced were roadsters.

So I've worked on a version, changing the colors as well while keeping the same concept : metallic and matt pieces.

Thanks to you, maybe the first Lego Technic roadster at scale 1:8.

I hope you'll like this version.

Feel free to give your opinion.


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