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Airport Control Tower


Big city, with an nearby airport, every one needs a control tower to manage the traffic.

So here is my attempt for that.

The control tower, with a 360 degrees view.
This is mostly for an airport since the controls i have build with is for airplanes, with radars and other printed Lego's representing airport controls, but more stickers could be added to further show airport controls.

With this tower, your airport might get what is needed to have that final control of the ground and air.
I have tried to build it in a scale that would fit with an airport. Tried to make it tall enough to overlook planes or at least a good portion of the airport and runways.
The build is somewhat easy and simple and i have used normal Lego bricks, so it will fit in with the rest of our Lego "towns/buildings"

The set contains 629 bricks, so it is a small set in my view, but i did not think it needed more.
Seen on the pictures i have included up to 7 minifigures. 6 to sit on the controls which is 2 of each with special pants that represent a function in the control tower. The last minifigure is the boss who walks around and oversees the area. And for that he has a binocular.

The inside of the tower has a staircase leading up to the top floor in the tower with windows along side the stairs, so light will shine in to the building. In the middle of the building is a closed of space to make the building sturdy and hold up the control room floor.

The roof can be taken of with ease to reveal the operations in the control room and / or move around the people working there. On top of the roof is there a lot of antennas and satellite dishes. This is free based with my own ideas, but one thing is for certain, there is always room for one more dish and antenna ;-)

I hope you like my project, and feel free to comment and support
Thanks for reading and watching.

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