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Old Rusty Plane


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It's a plane built out of old rusty parts from a post-apocalyptic time. The wings fold slightly downward when the plane has landed and folded straight when the plane is flying. Unlike traditional planes, this one does not have wheels. Instead, it uses twin propellers and two small engines in the back to hover to the ground. Once in midair the larger twin engines on the wing take off. The internal engine can be opened. And the plane comes with a matching stand. On the stand, you can place your plane many different positions to make it look like it's flying. It makes for a great decoration. 

I built it because of really like flying contraptions and rusty age looking parts because of the character it adds to the build.

I just think it's a relatively untouched genre in the official LEGO set world. Also, I think it tries a couple of unconventional building techniques that could inspire others to try and do something similar.

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