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The Aquarium


300 Supporters!

Thank you for the support!


250 Supporters!

Thanks for 250 supporters! Let's see how much further we can get!


The Next Modular

With the information given, the next modular building will be a hotel similar in style to the Flatiron Building. It will be a corner modular, making it pair greatly with the Aquarium. With the information, I feel like this shows how an Modular Aquarium is something LEGO has not thought of yet. I made this modular with the objective that LEGO would not make it, and so far that is the case. Thanks for all the support!


200 Supporters!

Today, we have reached 200 supporters of The Aquarium! I would like to thank all supporters for supporting this project and making it go this far. Due to me gaining more free time soon, I will add new photos showing places that did not get good coverage in the photos. Although I have no social media accounts, I am happy that a lot of people are supporting this project.

Thank you for supporting The Aquarium!


100 Supporters!

I would like to thank you all for 100 supporters! Although this took longer to get than my other two projects that reached 100 supporters, I am glad to see this one make it.

Since this idea made it to 100 supporters, I would like to talk about something about this idea. In the description, I stated that this build was based on multiple aquariums. And now with this achievement, I feel like it's right to mention the aquariums used for reference.

Entry Sign and Aviary - Dallas Aquarium
Color Scheme - Baltimore Aquarium
Round tank at entrance - Houston Downtown Aquarium
Tropical Reef tanks - Ft. Worth Zoo's Great Barrier Reef Exhibit

Those were some of the major references used for this idea, as well as many other experiences I have had. Let's spread word of this idea and see if one day this idea can make it to 10k supporters! Thank you so much!


The Minifigures

One thing I forgot to mention in the description was the minifigures. There are six figures in this idea, a mother and son, the Ice Cream Parlor employee, and three Aquarium employees, one of which is a veterinarian. Initially, the classic smiley face used on older modular buildings was used, but due to LEGO's newer modular buildings having updated faces, the change was made.

Some people who are followed to me might notice that the son is the same figure from my "A Great Day for Crabbing" contest submission. I knew that as a idea, it would never reach 10k supporters, so I wanted to include something from that idea. Therefore, the son is included and the pattern on the crab stand was used for the ice cream parlor's exterior. Plus, this adds on to the story of that submission, making it in the same world as "A Great Day for Crabbing".

This idea is so close to 100 supporters and I know it can happen. Please tell friends and family to support this idea, because one day it can be a reality. Thanks for the support!

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