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The Aquarium


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Hello, and welcome to the grand opening of The Aquarium! We are glad to start operations here on Modular Street, as well as informing everyone about these wonderful creatures from this big blue world. We also want to make sure that The Aquarium sticks out from the rest of our neighbors, by taking the design of modular buildings, and integrating the modern architecture of many aquariums around the world. I will be the guide of The Aquarium, showcasing all 2567 parts of this structure.
The First Floor:
Before we start the tour of The Aquarium, I would like to introduce you into our neighboring Ice Cream Parlor. This small business may not have many flavors, but the flavors they do pack a punch! They also managed to fit a freezer within the small space they have, showing they care about the quality of their ice cream. As well as their employees always bringing a smile, this Parlor’s goal is to make everyone scream for ice cream.  
Right outside The Aquarium is the Poseidon Water Fountain, which greets visitors and grants them an opportunity to make a wish. Inside The Aquarium, customers are greeted to our employee at the front counter and a massive cylindrical tank consisting of multiple fish species. To the right of the entryway is our Penguin Exhibit, which is temperature controlled to keep them cool. Our two penguins were rescued after being abandoned and are now properly taken care of here in The Aquarium. The last exhibit on this floor is our Tree frog exhibit, in between the front counter and the stairs to the next floor. Our Tree frogs live comfortably in an all-terrain tank that recreates the conditions in their original habitat. These exhibits are just the beginning of what we have in store for our customers.
The Second Floor:
The second floor consists of our coral reef exhibit. Coral reefs are the most colorful part of the ocean yet are slowly dying out due to pollution. We want to make sure to capture the beauty of the coral reefs and show why they are important to so many species. In this floor, there are three tanks, the biggest of which consists of a Black Tip Reef Shark! Just because one tank has a shark does not mean that our other tanks are not as good. All our tanks are of the same quality on this floor.
The tank next to the stairs consist of fish native to the Great Barrier Reef, including Clown Fish, Blue Tang, Butterfly Fish, and a Reef Crab. The last tank consists of our Giant Pacific Octopus, who is known to be obsessed with our buckets. Whenever any of our buckets go missing, we usually know where it ended up at. Unlike our first floor, the only way up to the third floor is through an elevator, and we have a reason for that.
The Third Floor:
The reason for the elevator is that we are not just an aquarium, we are also an aviary! These birds were all rescued for one reason for another, whether it being the destruction of a habitat or being injured. Our aviary is temperature controlled and has lush greenery and windows to simulate the habitats these birds originated from. The feathered friends that reside here are our four Macaws, two Flamingos, and our new family of Mallards. There is also an outside rest area on this floor for our employees that work long and hard to keep our customers happy. This concludes the tour of The Aquarium.
I would like to thank you for visiting The Aquarium and hope you support it! Most modular buildings on LEGO Ideas are typically denied just because they are either already like existing ones or are not something LEGO wants to make. But I feel like this idea is an exception to those other modular buildings. Everyone at one point has been to an aquarium and have many memories of being there. Not to mention that this is a concept LEGO has never done before, so I feel like this would get their attention. This is my biggest project by far, and I hope that it leaves the biggest impact on this platform.

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