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LEGO AirRacer


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Did you ever admire those crazy pilots with their sport planes?

Here we are with the LEGO AirRacer. Get into your fast and agile plane and race the pylons as fast as you can. OK – it might be a little too big for placing a minifigure in it and being a small race plane at the same time. But it should look a little realistic and for some details you need a certain size otherwise it does not look good.

To get an idea of how the set could work (racing through pylons as fast as you can) I made some pictures with rocket-like pylons – this is only to give you an idea how to play with this set. The pylons could be made out of simple plastic pieces designed as half of a circle which you can easily roll to a cone. You can put several of these cones into a set so you can fly a complete parcour, similar to the „real“ air race.

I hope you like the chequered flag design combined with the colours. The plan was to build it as clean as possible so the design looks quite fast even if the plane is grounded.

I’m not so happy with the covering of the wheels. I tried several ideas and this one was the best design although the wheels are not completely covered. But without the covers the plane does not look like a race plane somehow…

For sure you could think about some prints on the tiles so the plane looks a litte more realistic. I took some photos with LEGO printings on tiles as an example (earlier stage in the development of the project as you can see when you look at the wheel covers). And in addition to that some bricks do not exist in the colours I painted them yet so it’s time for new bricks (all in all 433 pieces without the pylons, only the plane).

If you like my idea thank you for your support!

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